School Cleaning Norwich

We understand the importance of a safe and welcoming place for children to be educated in and to play in. Our school cleaning services are executed to a high standard, working within the tight constraints that schools and colleges incur, and usually working out of school hours as part of a large team to get the full clean completed as quickly and professionally as possible. We also provide end-of-term deep cleans and bespoke holiday cleans to suit the individual organisation's timetable. We are proud of our ability to respond within 24 hours to repair or replace any areas which may be hazardous to students and teachers.

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DBS checks

Each cleaner is DBS checked in teams in our schools and colleges, and are additionally trained to work alongside pupils, staff and parents to maintain a healthy school environment.

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Automated timekeeping

Automated timekeeping ensures our staff arrive and leave on time, clocking-in using a designated business telephone on the premises which is linked to our computer system.If staff leave early, arrive late, or if something unscheduled happens, Spring Clean Commercial Ltd receives an instant notification. It enables us to monitor that the job is carried out to the required standard under contractually-agreed terms. It also has built-in health and safety considerations for our staff, who are lone workers. If they slip, have a fall, and do not clock out, we are alerted and can respond accordingly As the client, you also have a communication log with the cleaner and can flag up any concerns or particular areas to focus on.

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Colour coded cleaning

Colour coded cleaning is the process of designating colours to cleaning equipment in certain areas of a venue, increasing hygiene throughout a business or home.The coding system is from the National Colour Coding Scheme to ensure hygiene best practice and is in place so that cross-contamination does not occur.

Clean school classroom

Full breakdown of service

Daily cleaning

We provide a daily school cleaning service, as well as expert deep cleaning when required. We maintain all types of flooring found in schools, and our operatives are trained to use all the different types of machinery required.

Best time for school cleaning

Our cleaners are usually required out of school hours and work as part of a large team to get the full clean completed as quickly and professionally as possible. We undertake our own risk assessments to comply with H&S requirements for our staff and have communication with our staff at all times for their safety.

Colour coded cleaning

Colour coding is important to ensure no cross contamination across site. Using the correct colours in each area, means that a cloth that has been used to clean a toilet will never be used to clean a kitchen surface. Spring Clean Services enforce our colour coding by training our cleaners well to make sure that this never happens.

Our School Cleaning Services include:

• Daily cleaning • Periodic deep cleans • Kitchen deep cleans • Floor maintenance program • Window cleaning • Carpet cleaning • Emergency cleaning • Painting and decorating • Graffiti and chewing gum removal • Litter picking • School daytime cleaning • School maintenance • Facilities management.

Service Benefits

There are huge service benefits to transferring to a contract cleaning specialist. - A flexible and comprehensive cleaning service which can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, college, academy or university. - A wealth of experience and knowledge concerning all cleaning matters. - Links with other services to support the achievement of consistent standards. - Practical hands on support in the event of an emergency. - Independent cleaning inspections on a regular basis.

How it works


Choose a service

We offer a full janitorial service which includes a regular clean on a daily, weekly or monthly basis – depending what you as the client require – with our bespoke service specifically designed to meet your needs and work in with your business day.We offer a free consultation and quotation for our services, which are of a consistently high standard at a competitive price.


Choose a time

If you would like to come into a workplace that smells fresh and is sparkling clean then we will work out of hours to ensure that happens. Between Monday and Friday, If you just require us to clean when you are present then that is no problem either.  We would still use our automated service to ensure our employees are there on time and for the right amount of time.  They would simply work around you with as little disruption as is physically possible.


Request a quote

The process begins when we first meet for a free consultation and a walk-through of the premises to put together a specification for your exact cleaning needs and then draw up a quotation, leading to a start date. All chemicals and equipment are included in the quote and we can provide consumables such as hand-towels, bin liners, toilet paper and soap.


Cleaner arrives

We will give our cleaners a full briefing and walk them through the business to make sure that expectations are set and our checklist compiled.This is an ideal time to present our staff to key members of your team and take on board any Health and Safety briefings from the business as required.